Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare

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Linc rode him after the Phantom, attempting to tire the wild stallion long enough to capture him, but he only succeeded in winding Sky. Ryan rides Sky at some points as well, including his initial attempts to recapture Hotspot. Sky is a good, strong horse who runs tirelessly, but as a hotblooded breed he spooks easily.

Jen was thrown from his back during the "Superbowl of Horsemanship" when a crazed bison burst into the horse's path on the race track. Jen's palomino Quarter Horse mare, whom she nicknames "Silly". Jen calls her neurotic for the way she freaks out to things she knows are not dangerous. One of the Kenworthy Palominos, she has beautiful conformation and coloring, given her name for the pure white "stockings" on her legs. She is the horse most often ridden by Jen, for all of her trail rides with Sam, for work, etc.

Another of the Kenworthy Palominos. He is a tall, beautiful horse who Linc Slocum has chosen as his personal mount, but Linc rides very badly and often hurts Champ's mouth. Linc also insisted he be gelded. One of the Kenworthy palominos, a stallion. Jed wants to restart their "Fire and Ice" breeding program with Sundance and Rose. He is well built and is very well-mannered. A lovely, rosy-gold colored Palomino mare who was part of the Kenworthy "Fire and Ice" breeding program.

Mountain Mare

She escaped years ago and was only found after Sam and Jen ride out to a ghost town called "Nugget" for a history project. For a time, Ryan Slocum was hiding the mare in a makeshift stall inside the town, intending to keep her. Jen asks for Sam's help to recapture her, but it causes problems between the two girls, with Sam thinking all Jen cares about is finding the horse. After a while, Jen manages to lead Rose home to her dumbstruck parents and her actions seem to heal their relationship.

Phantom Training 1

Jed intends to restart his breeding program with Rose and Sundance. She is Lila's horse. Another of the Kenworthy's Palominos, a mare. Lilla rides Mantilla when Golden Rose goes missing. A grullo mustang gelding with chocolate coloring around his legs and head, thought to be "cursed" by his previous owners. Used at one time as a bucking horse and abused, all Jinx really wanted was to run. Sam worked with him long enough to enter him in a claiming race, where Sheriff Ballard won him.

He now uses Jinx for search and rescue work. A bay bachelor stallion with a black mane that stands up along his neck like a Mohawk. He is usually seen running with Yellow Tail, and used to run with New Moon before he found his own mares. A chestnut bachelor stallion with a flaxen tail. He runs with Spike. A golden-chestnut filly with a white star on her chest. She is the Phantom's full sister and was actually born on the Kenworthy's ranch, but then sold to Shan Stonerow.

He couldn't handle her sassy, proud attitude and called her a "monster. Darby makes an unbelievable connection with the young horse, keeping her calm while Sam and others get help for her. Hoku is taken to Mrs. Allen's place to heal, and then she is later transported to Hawaii to stay with Darby in the next series of books; "Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island. The Ely's big German shepherd dog. Sam hints that she weighs around pounds, but she is a big softy and loves to play with Singer. The only time she is mentioned is in the last book, "Run Away Home. A red roan, Quarter Horse mare.

The leader of the herd at River Bend Ranch, she tends to be bossy and snappish with new horses. Sam was riding her when she was pounced on by the young orphan cougar in "The Challenger". A good work horse, she is sometimes ridden by Wyatt, but is most often "seen" in the ten acre pasture keeping the other horses in line.

Gram's old American Paint Horse. She used to be Louise's, but was given to Gram after her death. She is a dark brown pinto mare with a white heart-shaped patch on her side. Gram asks Sam for permission to give her a new home in town, to be used for therapy work. Sam is reluctant and sad, but eventually allows Gram to move her there, knowing she will get the attention she deserves from the children. Sweetheart is gentle and kind, allowing anyone to do just about anything to her, and is the perfect mount for people who are not used to interacting with horses.

Sam's black filly, sired by the Phantom. Her dam is Dark Sunshine. She was born on a stormy night in "Rain Dance", and is known as the princess of River Bend Ranch, partly because of her father's status as "King" of horses. The little filly has warm, chocolate brown eyes and a coat as sleek and black as her father's was as a colt. As a result, Sam expects the night-black filly will slowly turn white as she ages, just like her sire. Sam gives Tempest a secret name and starts the gentling process with her using Native American techniques just like she did with the Phantom.

Tempest has already proven that she has mustang blood, with a fiery attitude and plenty of energy to spare. The little filly is not fearless, but she takes interest in many things considered dangerous for her, including much larger horses. She showed a particular interest in the stunt stallion Bayfire, while he stayed for a few days on River Bend Ranch during a film shoot.

A tall, strong bay stunt stallion with a white star. His owner and trainer brings him to River Bend for some TLC before trying to get the jumping shot they need for the movie. Bayfire has been acting strangely and sometimes aggressively towards her all of a sudden.

Jake's big black Quarter Horse mare. Witch has a bit of an attitude, thinking she is the queen of mares. According to Sam's father, "the only safe place is on her back," and Sam is admittedly somewhat afraid of Witch. All forms of baby talk just tend to irritate the mare, since her owner Jake is a "no-nonsense" type who would never coddle his horse. The words "fast and quick-tempered" were once used to describe the black mare.

She tends to bully other horses out of her way, but for some reason gets along with Ace just fine after their first few rides together. Witch is Chocolate Chip's sister, sharing identical conformation, if not temperaments. Despite her demeanor, Jake often doesn't halter her, knowing she'll follow him anywhere. Jake would never trade Witch for another horse.

Quinn's dark bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is Witch's full brother, with identical conformation, although his attitude is much better. Whereas Witch is very cranky and generally won't tolerate other horses, Chip is sweet to almost everyone. Sam and Jake Ride Chip while they Try to catch Star shower and lasts through it all even though he was ridden day and most nights.

Nate's horse. It is not specified, but he is probably a gelding. Sam remembers him as a clean-limbed, brown horse with a white chin spot. He is not mentioned or described except in the last book; "Run Away Home. Kit tells his younger brother to, "brace [his] arms, keep [Digger's] head up and drive him forward. A bay Appaloosa mare with a broad swathe of white across her body and a mostly white tail. She was purchased before Ryan arrives, intended to be the beginning of Linc's latest breeding scheme. In "Mustang Moon" she was stolen by the blue roan hammer-headed stallion, Diablo and became pregnant to him.

She ran free with the Phantom's herd after having her colt, Shy Boots, for a few books, but she was always a little spooked by the range. Ryan Slocum accepts her estrangement for a while, but soon decides he needs to get her back for Boots' well being. He recaptures Hotspot in "Dawn Runner". Is on the cover of "Dawn Runner". Hotspot's foal, sired by the blue roan hammer-headed stallion, Diablo.

He is bay with a white blanket and two front stockings. Timid by nature, he is nevertheless a spirited young horse and has fun when Ryan brings him to play with Tempest at River Bend. Temporarily hidden in Lost Canyon with his mother when Ryan thought Linc would have him killed, the little colt was stolen by Karl Mannix and sold illegally to a petting zoo. Sam finds and reunites him with Ryan, though his mother is running wild at the time so he is fostered by a Jenny female donkey from the same petting zoo, but not for long. The woman refuses to sell the Jenny to Ryan and he is left without a mother for Boots.

In "Dawn Runner," Boots is listless and shows no interest in food. Concerned that he needs the companionship of other horses, Dr. She turns out to be a gentle, caring foster mother for him and Boots thrives once again. When Ryan brings Hotspot home he is worried that the mares will fight over the colt, but once he releases the Appaloosa into the pasture everything goes just fine.

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The two females seem content to share mothering of Shy Boots. He is on the cover of the book "Kidnapped Colt". Diablo is a huge, broad-chested blue roan stallion. Sam immediately notices his massive head and "bullish" attitude, nicknaming him "Hammer". He escaped from his original owner, and appeared in Nevada. He challenged the Phantom for his mares, but was defeated. Wanting to gather a harem, he trespassed onto several ranches looking for mares. Linc Slocum was convinced that the Phantom had stolen his mare, but Sam knew better. Sam hides out one night and snaps a photo of Diablo attempting to steal mares, effectively clearing the Phantom's name.

Diablo is captured and reunited with his owner who is delighted to have him the mares are also returned home , but Sam soon learns that Hotspot is in foal to the roan. Their resulting offspring is Shy Boots, the bay Appaloosa colt. Diablo is on the cover of "Mustang Moon. A black and white, pinto filly who was running free on Shoshone land. Jake catches and gentles her for a race in "Red Feather Filly" as a rite of passage initiated by his grandfather. She has a variegated mane and tail and dozens of white speckles on her chest. The name of the book comes from the beautiful Red-tailed Hawk feather Sam gives Jake to braid into her mane.

After the race, Jake returns her to the wild. A massive bay draft cross gelding. Over 17 hands tall. He was described by Jake as being "big enough to shade an elephant" and "not having a mean bone in his body. He was a mustang in the far past. Rescued by Sam at an auction from being made into dog food. While being tested by Ryan Slocum he was discovered to be an experienced jumping horse. Sam sold him to Sterling Stables as Wyatt would not allow her to keep him.

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Is on the cover of "Gift Horse. Two chestnut pinto mares and a bay gelding, they are Trudy Allen's personal saddle horses.

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Old and relatively calm, they accept most new horses without any problem and greet Sam whenever she comes to visit. Judge is sent overseas to Hawaii with Hoku, the Phantom's full sister. A liver chestnut mustang gelding with a pronounced "Roman nose," and one of the fourteen "un-adoptable" mustangs living at Mrs.

Allen's sanctuary. He believes he is the boss of the captive mustang herd on Blind Faith Mustang Sanctuary's lands. Ryan gentled and rode him in the "Superbowl of Horsemanship," but the gelding never lost his attitude. While the Phantom was staying on Mrs. Allen's lands, recovering from his injuries in the brush fire, Roman challenged him for leadership of the wild bands.

Belle is one of the fourteen "un-adoptable" mustangs that Mrs. Allen saved from euthanasia at the B. She is a pinto mare and the mother of Faith, the blind "Medicine Hat" filly who gave the sanctuary its name. The delicate-looking, blind mustang filly who lives at Blind Faith Mustang Sanctuary. She is a palomino pinto with "Medicine Hat" horse markings including, but not limited to a "hat" of color on her head and a "shield" across her chest.

Despite her blindness, she is extremely curious and confident, and even made friends with the Phantom while he was recovering from his fire injuries on the sanctuary lands. Is on the cover of "Free Again". Named as such because she was the fourteenth horse chosen by Norman White to go home with Mrs. Allen to her newly created mustang sanctuary. Trudy told him to choose her a fourteenth horse, thinking taking thirteen with her would be unlucky. Fourteen is later referred to as a mare, in The Wildest Heart. A solid black mare and her bay colt from the "un-adoptable" herd at the mustang sanctuary.

Licorice seemed to always be grumpy for the first few weeks she was there, but eventually softened. A big, beautiful Gypsy Vanner mare. She is a black and white pinto with a variegated mane and tail and black tufts of hair in her ears. Belonging to Nicolas, she is trained to drive, pulling his "vardo" cart for his trip across the western states. Along the way, Lace adopts a dun colt who tags along with her and Nicolas. Is on the cover of "Gypsy Gold". Rachel Slocum's beautiful coffee-colored Morgan mare, whom she bought solely because the horse's coloring matched her hair.

Ryan rides her on the last leg of his quest to recapture Apache Hotspot, taking Sam's advice to ride a less dominant horse than Sky Ranger. She would have ridden Ace, but he ran off without her after she made a failed attempt to slide from his back to the Phantom's. Mocha is wary of new riders, but Sterling Stables taught her exceptionally well and Sam rides her with no problems. She is trained under both English and Western saddles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The mare seems to belong to someone, but can Sam figure out who—before the Phantom Stallion claims the mare as his own? After much coaxing, she returned to her husband in Verdi, Nevada, where she lives and writes. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Kids' Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 4. Or will the Phantom be the one who saves the day? Phantom Stallion 6: The Challenger. Cougars have been spotted nearby, but they haven't hurt the ranch horses - yet. So Samantha is outraged when a neighboring rancher vows to kill the cats on sight. Her family's horses may be safe, but out on the range Sam spots a wild young stallion without a herd. Being alone puts this horse in danger. But can Sam protect the rebellious mustang and still save the cougars? Phantom Stallion 7: Desert Dancer. The Phantom's lead mare is missing from the herd, and Sam's worried she may have been captured.

When Sam finds the mare safe -- in government custody -- she's desperate to set her free. But the horse is badly injured, and setting her free on the range could slow down the mare's entire herd, putting them at risk in the dangerous winter months. How far should Sam go to help the horses she loves? Phantom Stallion 8: Golden Ghost. Sam discovers a lost palomino in a spooky ghost town.

Mountain Mare

The horse looks like a mirage, but also looks well cared for, and even familiar. Could it be the missing horse from her best friend's ranch? Sam needs to get the mare back home safely, but there might be something trying to stop her -- her other best friend, the Phantom Stallion. Phantom Stallion 9: Gift Horse. When Samantha rescues a beautiful draft horse from an auction, she's sure he'll be perfect to groom for resale. He's big and strong--but so big, Sam can barely saddle him.

He's great at jumping--over pasture fences. Will he be helpful at a ranch, or too much to handle? Then disaster strikes River Bend, and it's Sam who needs help. And just in time to save the day, Tinkerbell's true talents are revealed. Phantom Stallion Red Feather Filly. As Samantha and her friends prepare for a charity horse race, they're very excited. Sam is riding Ace, and her race partner, Jake, plans to rope and train a wild pinto filly.

But the wild pinto has other plans. When the filly escapes and runs off with the Phantom, Sam is torn. If she helps Jake, she's taking the filly away from the Phantom. Will she betray her friend or her wild horse? Phantom Stallion Untamed. Samantha discovers a plot to wipe out the wild horses near her family's ranch, but she can't convince anyone else that the Phantom's herd needs help. When her insistence that the mustangs are in danger pits her against her family, her classmates, and the local sheriff, her only friend left is the Phantom Stallion.

Can he help her solve the mustang mystery before her dad sends her out of harms way, back to San Francisco? Phantom Stallion Rain Dance. Samantha couldn't be more excited, and she's sure she can handle the new baby while everyone is gone on the annual cattle drive. But when a dangerous thunderstorm hits the ranch, Sam realizes that maybe she can't do it all alone -- especially when the Phantom arrives, and seems to want to take his new filly back to the wild.

Phantom Stallion Heartbreak Bronco. When a hard-luck horse named Jinx comes to River Bend, everyone thinks he's a curse. Samantha knows he's not, but he is unruly, skittish, and the fastest horse she's ever seen. Then there's a runaway in the middle of the night, and someone gets a snakebite. Is the bronco really a jinx? Or could he be the good-luck charm Sam needs to save the day?

Phantom Stallion Moonrise. When a pack of vicious hunting dogs is found running loose on the range, Samantha is worried they might attack the Phantom Stallion's new foals. But the Phantom is busy protecting his herd from New Moon, a rival stallion and the Phantom's fully-grown son. If Sam can't help the horses, will the stallions learn to band together -- in time?

Phantom Stallion Kidnapped Colt. When a friend needs Samantha's help with his new colt and its mother, she's torn. Sam wants what's best for the horses, but her friend's plan could put them in danger. So when the two horses go missing, Sam feels responsible. She's sure the mare has run away with the Phantom, but what will happen to the colt? Can Sam bring him home before it's too late?

Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare
Phantom Stallion #17: Mountain Mare

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