EISA system architecture

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It originated as an 8-bit system.

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The 8-bit bus ran at 4. In fact, VLB used some electronic parts originally intended for MCA because component manufacturers already were equipped to manufacture them. Users of EISA-based machines had to know special information about the hardware they were adding to the system.

By the mids, the two slot types were roughly balanced, and EISA slots soon were in the minority of consumer systems. Only one of the two connectors can be used in each slot at a time, but this allowed for greater flexibility.

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This was at best awkward from a mechanical structural standpoint, as EISA slots were not designed to support such heavy devices as hard disks and the 3. ATA, at its essence, is basically a standardization of this arrangement, combined with a uniform command structure for software to interface with the controller on a drive. Table provides a summary of the key features and benefits of the Extended Industry Standard Architecture.

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EISA system architecture. Table An introduction to computer security. The problems with the ISA bus grew as systems became faster and more powerful.

The problems included: slow bus speed, a limited number of interrupts, lack of busmaster support, complex configuration and poor electrical grounding. Most of the problems were not significant early in the history of DOS computing, but came to the surface as the range of tasks and peripherals grew.

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MicroChannel is a complete diversion from the original bus. The decision to break from the previous design and start clean eliminated the problems of the older cards along with preventing the use of a large installed base of cards.

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The decision also enabled IBM to break from the Intel CPU and build a bus capable of being used in machines with a variety of processors. This one bus architecture covers an entire line of computing products, from PCs to mainframes. Benefits of the MicroChannel Architecture include Programmable Option Select POS , support for multiple busmasters, advanced interrupt handling, better grounding and bus arbitration. POS means that on a properly designed adapter for the MCA bus, all configuration can be done with software on a closed machine.

A busmaster is a device which is capable of taking over control of the system bus of a computer. Multiple busmaster support and improved arbitration means that several such devices can coexist and share the system bus. MCA busmasters can even use the bus to talk directly to each other at speeds faster than the system CPU, without any other system intervention. Arbitration enhancement also provides that we have better system throughput since control is passed more efficiently.

EISA system architecture EISA system architecture
EISA system architecture EISA system architecture
EISA system architecture EISA system architecture
EISA system architecture EISA system architecture
EISA system architecture EISA system architecture
EISA system architecture EISA system architecture

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