Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225

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Inverse Problems, Volume 29 Number 8. Hollingsworth, T. In: Holland, Celia , ed. Ascaris : the neglected parasite. Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp. Holt, Derek F. Journal of Algebra, Volume Number. Advances in Mathematics, Volume Physical Review E, Volume 87 Number 1. Iglesias, Marco and Dawson, Clint The regularizing Levenberg—Marquardt scheme for history matching of petroleum reservoirs. Computational Geosciences, Volume 17 Number 6. Iglesias, Marco A. Inverse Problems, Volume 29 Number 4. Computational Geosciences, Volume 17 Number 5.

Inglis, N.

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Communications in Mathematical Physics

Kerr, Robert M. Robert McDougall Bounds for Euler from vorticity moments and line divergence. Robert McDougall Swirling, turbulent vortex rings formed from a chain reaction of reconnection events. Physics of Fluids, Volume 25 Number 6. Robert McDougall The growth of vorticity moments in the Euler equations. Korpelainen, Nicholas , Lozin, Vadim V. Order, Volume 30 Number 3. Kozlovski, O. Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, Volume 22 Number 3. Geometric and Functional Analysis, Volume 23 Number 2.

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Pacini, Marco and Testa, Damiano Recovering plane curves of low degree from their inflection lines and inflection points. Israel Journal of Mathematics, Volume Number 1. Pikhurko, Oleg and Vaughan, Emil Minimum number of k-Cliques in graphs with bounded independence number. Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, Volume 22 Number 6. Pokern, Y. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Vol. Pollicott, Mark and Sharp, Richard Correlations of length spectra for negatively curved manifolds. Porphyre, Thibaud , Auty, Harriet K. Article number e Preiss, David and Saito, Shingo Knot points of typical continuous functions.

Pushkarev, Andrey V. Physics of Plasmas, Volume 20 Number 4. Rahm, Alexander D. Rast, L. Reid, Miles Relative fractional canonical algebras and the general Godeaux surface. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society. In Press.

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Rhodes, Christopher A. Theoretical Population Biology, Volume Robinson, James C. ISSN Sharland, Thomas Joseph Thurston equivalence for rational maps with clusters. Simons theory. A topological quantum field theory , Journal of Mathematical Physics , vol. Sen, S. Sen, J.

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Sexton, and D. Hahn , Chern??? Simons theory on R3 in axial gauge: a rigorous approach , Journal of Functional Analysis , vol. Belov and G. Moore , Classification of abelian spin Chern-Simons theories, preprint arXiv , p. Jeffrey and B. Kapustin and N. Saulina , Topological boundary conditions in abelian Chern??? Simons theory , Nuclear Physics B , vol. Brylinski , Loop spaces, characteristic classes and geometric quantization , Progress in Mathematics , vol. Subjects: Materials Science cond-mat.

Title: From quantum to thermal topological-sector fluctuations of strongly interacting bosons in a ring lattice. Authors: Tommaso Roscilde , Michael F. Faulkner , Steven T. Bramwell , Peter C. Authors: Lianyi He.

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Journal-ref: Annals of Physics N. Title: Modified interactions in a Floquet topological system on a square lattice and their impact on a bosonic fractional Chern insulator state. Comments: 10 pages, 4 figures, submitted to Physical Review A.

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A 93, Title: Orbital magnetism of ultracold fermionic gases in a lattice: dynamical mean-field approach. Authors: Agnieszka Cichy , Andrii Sotnikov. Comments: 9 pages, 6 figures, v2 matches published version. Title: Immobilization of a bubble in water by nanoelectrolysis. Journal-ref: Applied Physics Letters, , , pp. Subjects: Soft Condensed Matter cond-mat. Title: Magnetic moments in a helical edge can make weak correlations seem strong.

Authors: Jukka I. B 93, R Authors: M. Uchida , K. Ohba , Y. Ohuchi , Y. Kozuka , M. Journal-ref: Chem. Title: Higher-Spin Theory of the Magnetorotons. Roberts , Dam Thanh Son. Comments: 5 pages, 2 figures; v3: published version. Authors: B. Koteswararao , Kyongjun Yoo , F. Chou , Kee Hoon Kim. Journal-ref: APL Materials, 4, Title: Transport anomalies and quantum criticality in electron-doped cuprate superconductors.

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Comments: 35 figures; a brief summary of transport properties; the common features seen in the last figure. Authors: Tobias Meng , Adolfo G. Grushin , Kirill Shtengel , Jens H. Comments: 12 pages, 3 figures; plus 18 pages of Supplementary Materials incl. Journal-ref: Nature Phys. Title: A simple model of momentum relaxation in Lifshitz holography. Authors: Tomas Andrade. Comments: 16 pages, 1 figure, v2: references added. Title: Low-frequency electromagnetic field in a Wigner crystal. Authors: Anton Stupka.

Comments: Wigner crystal; self-consistent electromagnetic field; jellium model; long wave electromagnetic field; velocity of sound. Plasmas 20, Subjects: Plasma Physics physics. Title: Multiple particle-hole pair creation in the Fermi-Hubbard model by a pump laser. B 95, Title: Effective holographic theories of momentum relaxation and violation of conductivity bound. Comments: v3: Minor edits to match published version. Discussion and plots updated in section 4.

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  4. Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225 Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225
    Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225 Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225
    Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225 Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225
    Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225 Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225
    Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225 Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 225

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