A Death in China

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And why do Wang Bin's henchmen try to kill Stratton when he starts asking a few questions? Wang Bin's rebellious daughter, the gorgeous Kangmei, is eager to help: she overheard her lather and uncle arguing. Soon the two of them are on the run, fleeing from cobras, torturers, and other Wang Bin specials--escaping thanks to Stratton's secret guerrilla-warfare expertise. He's a Vietnam vet, haunted by civilian-killings during penetration missions into China. And by the time that Stratton makes it alive to Hong Kong, he has caught on to what's going on: Wang Bin, in danger of political execution, is going to use his brother's body in a fake suicide.

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So the finale here features a series of ghoulish cemetery confrontations--as Stratton seeks revenge on the ruthless Wang Bin. Montalbano and Hiaassen Powder Burn, Trap Line bog things down a bit with Stratton's Vietnam guilts--a stale thriller-element by now, and one that seems out-of-place amid the Buchanesque folderol. At the other extreme, the least serious moments here verge dangerously on Fu Manchu-vian cartoon. Still, a solid, lively thriller for the most part--with an efficient if familiar central plot, action that's scenic and varied, and loads of wry, unromanticized China atmosphere.

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Chinese Culture on Death and Dying, Funeral Traditions of China

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China's death-row inmate bids his family last goodbye

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    Pages: 19— Pages: 43— Pages: 79— Pages: — All those interested in ancient Chinese religion, cosmology, Chu culture, burial traditions, ancient rituals concerning illness and death, divination, art, excavated manuscripts, food culture, and philology. Access brought to you by: provisional account. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save.

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